Techniques and Practices

Each solution is tailored to meet your exact requirements and I utilise a range of techniques to ensure I can help you overcome your issues. The therapy will be delivered in a relaxed atmosphere with every possibility you may not notice that you are in a therapy session. In terms of the technical aspect of the treatment, I practice techniques including:


  • Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique which through positive suggestion to the subconscious mind can bring about a change in a person with regards to their feelings, thoughts, attitude and behaviour. Through hypnotherapy, we aim to change our usual thought processes by relaxing the conscious part of the mind therefore giving us access to the sub-conscious. This will then allows us to work with this part of the mind and make positive reinforcements.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a treatment that helps patients understand the thoughts and feelings that influence negative behaviours. Through CBT we identify the root cause that creates certain behaviours, thought patterns and attitudes and works on breaking the cycle.
  • Eriksonian Hypnotherapy uses indirect suggestions which are not recognised as suggestions by the conscious mind, as they are presented as metaphors or examples. This gives the client the tools to identify and process their own interpretations, helping them build their own skills to overcome specific issues.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming is a powerful and effective tool for subjective communication. It is understanding how people organise their thoughts, language, emotions, language and behaviour in their every day life and can be used to develop and improve skill sets.
  • Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a technique that focuses on the present and future rather than past experiences using practical, modern, and well-researched strategies to help people make significant, positive changes in their lives. The client is asked to consider their preferred future, goals and hopes. This enables the client’s possible solutions to become more apparent and allows the client to focus on their strengths and encourages a shift in perspective.